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Matched 100%

Matched 100%

Our birds, drawn byAmanda

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$3,005 of $15,000 goal has been met

$11,995 to go by Dec. 31, 2019

12:06p 11/18/2019


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It’s that time of year again and we’ve got some fantastic news about this year’s Giving Tuesday.  The time frame is a little bit shorter this year, so we are going to give everyone the opportunity to start early so that it may be successful.  What does that mean for our incredible supporters?  Easy, starting NOW, your donations are MATCHED.  Gift Cards, sticker purchases from Amanda’s fantastic talents, and general donations will all be matched up to $15,000, STARTING NOW!


Donations will help the sanctuary with propane costs.  Propane is extremely important as it keeps all of these angels toasty warm in their aviaries.  Propane also runs our generators if shore power is lost so that nobirdy here has to suffer the winter cold!  It will also help to replenish our general veterinarian funds.  We recently accepted into the sanctuary, an African Grey that needed rescue.  His wing hand been partially ripped off by a raccoon while with his owner.  You can help to replenish the veterinary account that helps us provide rescue vet care to those in need.


Again, Donations are being MATCHED up to $15,000!  One of our amazing supporters has AGAIN offered to match the same amount as they did for our Christmas in July Fundraiser this year!  We CAN NOT thank them enough for their amazing generosity!


Interested in that TRIPLE MATCH?  On Giving Tuesday, which is on December 3rd this year, Facebook and Paypal match donations up to a certain amount, AS WELL AS our generous supporter matching up to $15,000…. That means that your donation has the potential to be matched THREE TIMES!  On December the 3rd, to obtain this potential match, you MUST donate to the facebook fundraiser, or the Paypal account using the button located at on this page ON DECEMBER 3RD.  So, prepare yourself and remember, if you donate $50, … it’s potentially MATCHED THREE TIMES… That’s a total of $200!



Finally, Basil’s story.  We were recently contacted by a woman who had become separated/divorced for quite some time now.  She wanted better for her bird.  She couldn’t bring her bird to where she was living but needed the bird to have a new place to go as her ex spouse was kicking the cage and scaring the bird over the past three or four years now.  The cage was damaged badly where the sides have bent in from being kicked/hit.  When she would go to check on Basil every week or two, sometimes he was without water/food.  Her ex must’ve simply forgotten to give food and water to this poor innocent creature.  Before their separation/divorce, the family of wild raccoons they were feeding and treating as pets, came to the porch where Basil was left unattended in his cage.  Of course the raccoon saw Basil as food for herself and her babies.  The raccoon tried to pull Basil through the bars, but only obtained partial wing.  Basil was taken to a veterinarian, but wasn’t prescribed antibiotics we’re told.  Nor was Basil medically treated properly.  We were told (quote) “The vet couldn’t save the lower half of his wing.  It dried up and fell off and had never healed perfectly.  If he bumps into something it can get sore and bleed.”(end quote)  Basil has been living with this wing injury since 2010 apparently.  The fact that Basil didn’t die from his injuries is a miracle in itself.  Basil arrived at Project Perry and we immediately took him to our veterinarians to address this pussing, oozing, actively bleeding wound.  We can only imagine the unnecessary pain Basil was in constantly for YEARS, often shaking his wing while around us, but never complaining about it.  Basil's veterinarian bills have cost the sanctuary a little over $4,000.


After his successful partial wing amputation in October, he has healed nicely and will soon be free of the collar he is currently prescribed to be in, to keep from possibly chewing open the wound.  His stitches have been removed and he continues healing nicely.  He will never fly “up”, but he has the ability to “coast” and we think Basil will finally find the happiness in the safety of Project Perry, his new home.  His true “Forever Home”.  

Basil was provided support by one of our awesome supporters as his owner was unable to donate anything upon Basil’s surrender.  Basil’s veterinary visits and surgery have gone way over what we expected, but when it comes to these angels, we will always do anything that we need to do to keep them safe and healthy.  This Giving Tuesday, your donations not only help with the costs of propane, your donations will make it possible for us to continue helping birds in need when we are contacted in rescue cases.  Birds just like sweet Basil!!!


From us here at Project Perry, and from Basil, THANK YOU to all of our incredible supporters!

Help us replenish our vet fund and have your donations MATCHED 100%!  THANK YOU!

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