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Bucket & Spade

$5,000 Goal
5:00p 7/4/22
$2,954.50 of $5,000  -  $2,045.50 to go!

Hello to all of our fabulous supporters!

It’s really hard to believe that we are already this far into 2022! Where does the time go? 

We are launching our Christmas in July Fundraiser with a goal amount set at $5,000! Normally we would try to set it for $10,000 but we know that everyone is probably pinching pennies a little more due to the rising costs of living. (Gas and groceries anyone?) The good news is, (drumroll please) we have someone MATCHING up to $5,000!!! Isn’t that fantastic? We will hopefully reach the goal and the birds will have smooth sailing through the summer and fall seasons! 

We have a second match for the first $2,500 raised!  That means the first $2,500 raised is matched DOUBLE!!! 

It’s been a crazy year. We started out with that wild storm in January where our generators were really put to the test for those 5 days without shore power. They performed their duties beautifully and no one was ever in any danger of suffering discomfort. We also had put various protection plans in place just in case the Avian Flu became an issue here locally. Thankfully, it hasn’t become an issue and we are grateful! 

The birds are certainly feeling the effects of the higher costs of living due to inflation here at Project Perry. The birds seed and grains have gone from around $2.00 a pound to $5.00 a pound. Shipping costs have increased as well to cover rising fuel costs for delivery. Some pellets have increased in costs as well. Weekly produce has risen substantially. From $160 - $190 in January a week to $250 on most weeks now!!! We are rolling with the punches and making adjustments as necessary so the birds are never and will never be in any sort of danger or left wanting anything. They will remain spoiled rotten! HAHA! We've even checked with local organizations who "throw out" old produce "not fit for human consumption". Unfortunately, most of the produce left over is simply awful quality and we refuse to feed subpar food to the residents here at the sanctuary. 

Please help us reach our goal so that we may combat the rising costs of living. This will ensure that the birds may continue living the life they have grown accustomed to here at Project Perry!

Thank you so much!