We are always accepting resumes.  If you are interested in working at Project Perry, please read the rest of this page. 

A note from Kirah… (There is no guarantee that a hired individual will live on-site until we know that individual.  The local surrounding area does have housing options available.)

If you have ever had a dream of working with parrots… then this is the opportunity for you.  There are many responsibilities and requirements of a person, but the most important would be an immense true love for parrots.  Without a TRUE love for parrots, you will not last here.  There are quite a few things that I’ve learned while here at Project Perry.  I’m going to share these things with you so that you may think long and hard about whether or not you think you can handle working here.  We are looking for someone to work here long-term.  Preferably “for life” and perhaps to take over this facility one day when Matt and I “retire”.  We will never actually “retire”, because we love what we do too much. We will be able to take on a little less work however and assist in training our replacements until we are no longer here.  There is always so much to learn here.

This “job” needs to become your life.  What I mean by that is simple.  You literally live for the birds.  Their needs come first.  We keep a fantastic team here, so you can live a life outside of your job position, but if you are one of us here on any given day, then the responsibility of their care may fall on you.  If a bird falls ill or becomes injured, you will need to simply drop any plans you have and make absolutely certain you do everything within your power to get the bird(s) the care they need.  There are always AT LEAST two people here at any given time to make sure everyone’s needs are being met.  Sometimes, snow storms, hurricanes, unexpected events… they all happen, but that doesn’t mean that the birds miraculously feed themselves in those situations, you will have to be ready to be here.  As an employee, you’ll have 2 days off a week.  Matt and I will normally work 7 days a week with occasional days off here and there.  In very rare instances, an emergency will happen, and you may need to come and help out on your day off.  When this happens, you are compensated the time off later or extra pay.  

Pets are important to us in life, we get that.  The parrots here are a prey species.  Stressing them out with predator species is not something we allow here.  It doesn’t mean we don’t love dogs, cats, ferrets, etc… but we owe it to the birds here to keep them happy, healthy, and as stress free as possible.  Children, some of you might be interested in this job position and have children.  Children bring on a whole new lot of issues.  Matt and I; as well as the other employees do not get days off for being sick. No matter what, these birds MUST be fed and cared for.  Children get colds frequently from school and friends.  Children then get their parents sick, and their parents bring it to the sanctuary.  This has happened enough that Matt and I ended up changing the visitation guidelines. This isn’t a place for children. Summers off means that your children would need to remain supervised during your work hours and the aviaries are not a place for excitable children to jump around and possibly injure or even kill a bird accidentally.  If your child gets sick, you will need to care for your child without faltering on the care of the parrots.  We simply can’t take that chance.  OBVIOUSLY, if you are sick with other employees here on site available, you will be off work to take care of yourself while others step in to help.  We are a team/family here.  If we are shorthanded due to someone being “away” from the sanctuary on vacation or something else along those lines, you will need to push through.  If it is a life emergency, Matt and I are ALWAYS ready to return.  We always have a plan in the works for emergencies.

Significant others (Husband/Wife) are not a problem, but if you are hired to live on the property, they must be employed.  This isn’t a place for your spouse to lay up and live the good life. Boyfriends/Girlfriends are not allowed to live on site with you.  You must be married.  We have had to many issues with “unmarried” employees and their boyfriend/girlfriend in the past which has caused us to reevaluate what we allow when it comes to significant others living on site with our employee.  Visitation is allowed of course.  Obviously, we cannot separate a “married” couple.  

We do understand that circumstances vary with each individual, so we are willing to interview people with boyfriend/girlfriend/children.  We are willing to work with the right person, but that means that the right person will indeed be expected and required to work with us.   We would never discriminate, but compromise would be a must in certain situations.  We do understand that everyone’s situation is different.  First and foremost, the birds are most important to us and we will make all our decisions on what we feel is best for them.  It’s not discrimination, it is our responsibility to ensure the birds have the proper care promised to them.  

I’ve learned a lot since coming to work at Project Perry.  I learned that my life has meaning now, regardless of how insignificant that may seem to other that don’t understand it.  I’ve learned that my life is no longer my own because I share it with 230+ birds that need me.  I don’t mind sharing my life with them, it’s an honor having them be a part of me.  I’ve learned that this is the hardest “job” I will ever have.  On any given day, everything can change.  My plans and weekend getaways have been canceled in seconds because of a bird in need.  It’s worth it.  I’ve never felt any animosity towards any bird that has caused me to give up something I wanted because they are worth it, and they come first.  One of the hardest things here is when you lose a life battle.  We’ve fought for a bird’s life for months on end and in the end, we lose that battle. It hurts so bad.  It cripples me for days sometimes and I wonder why the hell I’m doing this?  Then I (we) realize that no one else would’ve fought for them, but I (we) did and that is what matters.  As I (we) hold a bird in my arms while it departs this world, the bird knows somewhere inside that he/she is loved and will be loved forever.  I’ve learned that you can not change the mind of the ignorant people that are happy being ignorant.  These people don’t love birds, they never will.  They only love what the birds provide for them, and that’s all they are willing to know.  Whether it be money (breeders) or entertainment to a customer who purchased “merchandise” until the novelty wears off.  You can’t change their minds, so you must focus on those who are interested in learning, understanding, and being cured of their ignorance.  I’ve learned that these birds do speak to you, but you must be willing to stop and listen.  I’ve learned that I will never be society’s definition of “rich”, but I know for a fact that I am richer than the financially richest person(s) in this world. I’ve learned that if you take care of these birds, they will take care of you.  

Bottom line of what I have learned… if you want to work here and be successful here, you must live for the birds.  If you can not be certain that you are able to do that, then this isn’t the job for you.  This isn’t a glamourous job, so if suits, skirts, and high heels are your thing, you won’t like it here.  If you know that you have what it takes, then please apply.  Otherwise, please support us by volunteering or donating funds for these precious bird’s care.  

Take a chance, make a change, take the leap, you will not regret it.

Here is your opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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