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UPDATE MAY 12, 2021


Due to Covid 19 concerns, general public visitations are suspended until further notice.  Project Perry Parrot Sponsors and Lifetime of Care Members may visit, but need an appointment, as always.  Simply contact us as always to set up a time to visit your bird here at Project Perry.  Admission into the main house is at the discretion of staff during these visits.  


We look forward to seeing the public again when all of the mandates are lifted and life can get back to normal!

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone for their continued support during this trying time.  We love our supporters so much and we greatly appreciate that you all to continue making it possible for us to provide the best care to the residents here at Project Perry!  


Because of the current Coronavirus issue, we are suspending the tour season(s) temporarily.  Lifetime of Care Members and Parrot Sponsorship Members may still visit their bird(s) of course with the same appointment requirements as before.  As always, visitors will be required to sanitize their hands prior to interacting with the birds here. (Provided)  If you have felt ill or if you have been around anyone that you know has felt/been ill, please DO NOT schedule a visit until a later time when it is safe to do so.


Due to the nature of the virus, we will not allow anyone into the house under any circumstances during visits.  No one here at Project Perry can afford to be sick due to the nature of our job.  The residents here are living creatures and must have their necessities.  If we are ill, it is extremely hard to do our job properly.  


Restroom facilities (functioning outhouse) are available on the premises should you need one.  You will be able to sanitize your hands after using the restroom.  


If Lifetime of Care Members or Parrot Sponsorship Members would like to visit with their bird(s) but are unable to travel here for any reason, we are happy to video chat.  Video chats will need to be scheduled same as in a person visit so that we are able to set aside the time to do so.  We have FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Video Chat available to use.


We all hope that this situation passes quickly and that we can all get back on with normal life!

We will update this page as the situation changes.  Take care and be safe out there!

With love always,