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12:54p on 12/3/2022

Thank you!




It’s that time of year again. It's time for our annual Winter Christmas Fundraiser/Giving Tuesday! Yay!


Our goal for the 2022 fundraiser is $5,000.  Normally we would try for $10,000 but with our supporter's help recently raising over $5,000 to replace the generator, we saved a bit of the bird's money to put towards propane.  The cost of propane is up of course but regardless, we will go for $5,000 and anything over... we are grateful.  So are the birds...they enjoy their warm homes!  Haha!

As everyone is most likely aware, the cost of EVERYTHING has gone up. Our weekly grocery bill (for the birds) has gone up substantially. (Produce, seeds, grains, pellets, etc.) We only feed a high-quality diet and would never even think to skip out on a quality diet for these beautiful parrots in our care.

Propane is a by-product of gasoline and we all know what gas prices have done this year. We have to keep our three 1,000-gallon propane tanks full in order to keep the birds toasty warm. Propane also feeds our generators should we lose shore power. The generators ensure that the birds are never without electricity to run their heaters properly.

Our veterinarian office, SEAVS, has raised all of their veterinarian charges again this year. With all of the rising costs of products needed in order to provide quality veterinary care, they have no choice other than to pass those charges onto their customers. 

Please help us reach our goal if you are able to! Every bit helps!!

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