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Lifetime of Care

Project Perry, Lifetime of Care Program

We DO NOT "adopt" birds into the sanctuary, nor do we accept "donated" birds.  For your bird to live here, you will have a financial obligation to support your bird for the remainder of your bird's life in order for it to live here.  Also, keep in mind that we are only able to consider accepting a bird into the Lifetime of Care Program if we have room available. 

We DO NOT accept cockatoos.  We do not have a facility for them at this sanctuary! 

Click the icon below to be taken to The Icarus Foundation Homepage.  They are excellent in providing care for Cockatoos!

The first step to considering The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary for the Lifetime of Care Program is scheduling a visit here to make sure this is where you would like your bird to live his or her life out among other birds of its kind in free flight aviaries. This program is not for everyone or everybird, so it is important to conduct an interview prior to making such arrangements. This program requires you to financially support your bird here at the sanctuary for the remainder of its life.


There are two methods to placing your bird here on Sanctuary if this is what you wish for your bird:


If you are wishing to keep your bird as long as you can and wish for your bird to only come here in the event of your death, we can work with you on Estate Planning. You are more than welcome to discuss this option in person with us, along with a tour of the Sanctuary that you would be entrusting your bird with. Typically, a lump sum would come to the Sanctuary in the event of your death. The total donation amount is reached using a formula based on reasonable life expectancy of the species in captivity x cost per year to properly care for your bird. For example: You have a 20 y.o. Congo African Grey. It is reasonable to say that the bird could be alive for the next 25 years. One year of care is $1,000 and 25 years of care is $25,000. This is the total donation amount that needs to be planned in your will. That is just one example as funding amounts vary depending on species and individual – lump sums may be negotiated with us within reason. We now require you to set up a financial donation and placement arrangements with an attorney and we must have a copy of the associated legal documents in order to reserve a spot at the Sanctuary for your bird(s). The reason for this new policy is the fact that we have come to know situations in which family and/or friends have been made responsible to carry out the final wishes of parrot owners, only to have their money taken and their bird sent off to people or places that the owner did not approve of. Without a copy of your wishes that have been set up legally, there is nothing we can do. Safeguard your final wishes and set things up legally to prevent this as it DOES happen more than you might think! To begin the Estate Planning process, call 540-967-0447 or write to set up a visit or to answer your questions and discuss at length if you are not easily able to visit the Sanctuary in person.  Additionally, make sure we have room here for your bird before you make up a will with an attorney.  Upon your death, if we didn't reserve space for your bird, we won't be able to take it in.  If your bird ends up needing to come here while you are still alive, you will need to provide funding either annually or monthly


Second, you may donate annually in order to place your bird here on Sanctuary. A signed and notarized contract is involved to ensure that you continue to support your bird here on an annual basis for the remainder of the bird's life. The same cost per year fee structure listed at the bottom of this page is used. For example: You have a Blue and Gold Macaw that you wish to place here in Sanctuary.

You will need to support the bird financially on an annual basis. Cost per year is $1,500. You can, however, choose the one-time lump sum donation based on life expectancy of the bird but we realize this is not financially possible for the vast majority of people.

Fee Structure

  • Small birds - $250 one-time fee (Parakeets / Finches)

  • Small birds - $1,000 one-time fee (Cockatiels)

  • Medium birds - $1,000 / yr. (Conures / Quakers)

  • Medium birds - $1,200 / yr. (Amazons / Greys)                    

  • Large birds - $1,500 / yr. (Macaws)

To begin the relinquish inquiry process, click the icon and a word document will open.  Read and fill out the form.  Save it to your computer and attach it to an email to  OR... you can copy and paste the document directly into your email.  Remember to attach photos to your email as well!  If you have any problems, feel free to contact us and we will try to help walk you through it.  Keep in mind, we are a working sanctuary and it may take a little while for us to get back to you and assist you in a walk through which will cause the relinquish process to take longer.  By completing the form, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand our Lifetime of Care Program completely and that if you have any questions, you understand that you need to contact us.  You are also acknowledging that you understand that there is no guarantee that we will be taking your bird into our sanctuary.  Thanks!

Click me to open the Placement Request Form!

Click me to open the Placement Request Form!

***(If for some reason you can't get this file to open on whatever device/computer you may be using, scroll to the bottom of this page, highlight the information, copy, and then paste it into an email.)***

Need more information about lifetime of care?  Message Matt!

Matt Smith, Founder

and Executive Director

Due to the large number of requests for birds to live as permanent residents at the Sanctuary, we now have a mandatory form for you to fill out so we may review these requests to our best ability.  Acceptance of birds depends on available resources such as space and funding.  All requests will be reviewed and considered, however submission of a request does not imply or guarantee acceptance.  If we are able to accept your bird as a resident at the Sanctuary, you will hear back with us within 2 weeks of submitting the request.  We may need more information from you in order to make a final decision.  Decisions are made by Staff and/or Board Members of Project Perry Inc. based on how well we feel the bird(s) will integrate and thrive in one of our environments.  You must fill out the form on the next page in its entirety and email it, along with at least two photographs but no more than five, to to be considered.  Photographs must have good lighting and clear & focused of your bird(s) and your bird’s current environment.  Even after submitting this form, please continue to research other options for your bird’s placement in the case that we are not able to accept your bird(s).  Failure to provide us the requested information, including photos, will result in your request to not be considered – the more detailed information you can provide us, the better it will help us to make a decision.  If you do not wish to place your bird(s) with us at this time but are instead interested in Estate Planning for your bird’s future, please contact us separately in email or phone.  Thank you for your consideration to entrust us with your bird(s).


Your Name and Phone Number:      Name of Bird(s):     Species:     Age, if known:     Male or Female?     Wild-Caught or Captive-Bred or Don’t know?


Has the bird ever been a breeder bird and if so, when and for how long?     Can your bird fly?  Please explain skill (or lack thereof) level:


How does your bird get along with other birds, if known?     Explain your bird’s preferences and behaviors with humans:


Has your bird ever been sick or needed surgery?     How often has the bird been to the vet for wellness checks?


Would you be able to provide us with veterinary records if admitted as a resident?


Do you feel this bird is in a situation in which he/she needs to be rescued and admitted under our rescue program?  If so, please explain the circumstances in as much detail as possible.


Does your bird not need to be considered as a rescue case and you are, instead, interested in our Lifetime of Care program?


If you are interested in Lifetime of Care for your bird, have you read and understood the guidelines and policies for Lifetime of Care as outlined on the website and understand that you will be financially responsible for your bird’s care?


If we are not able to take in your bird as a permanent Sanctuary resident, are you open to an adoptive home?


Please provide any additional pertinent information that you feel might be useful in our decision including the reason(s) why you need to find placement for your bird(s):

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