Lifetime of Care

Project Perry, Lifetime of Care Program

We DO NOT "adopt" birds into the sanctuary, nor do we accept "donated" birds.  For your bird to live here, you will have a financial obligation to support your bird for the remainder of your bird's life in order for it to live here.  Also, keep in mind that we are only able to consider accepting a bird into the Lifetime of Care Program if we have room available. 


Due to being understaffed, we are currently NOT ACCEPTING new relinquish requests.  Those applicants who are already on our waiting list have not lost their place in line, these birds are still “accepted”.  New applicants may still apply and we will keep the application on file.  We will get back to new applicants when we are able to move forward.  Phone calls for relinquish requests will not be returned. 


Currently, we are accepting RESCUE CASES ONLY.  This means a bird is in imminent danger.  A few examples that are NOT RESCUE CASES are (but not limited to):  


  • You want to travel, and your bird is in the way.

  • Your bird is too loud so your neighbor/landlord is complaining/threatening eviction

  • You are having a new baby so your bird has to go

  • Your bird is destroying your house by “being a bird”

  • Your bird is biting you/family member(s) 


If you are in immediate need of assistance in relinquishing your bird(s) for any of these reasons, please reach out to other sanctuaries/adoption agencies to assist you!  We appreciate your interest in placing your bird here but we must continue providing the best care possible to the residents already in our care without getting in over our heads with a "too large" population.  Thank you for your understanding.

For rescue situations, you must fill out the Lifetime of Care application and let us know that it is a rescue situation.  We specialize in Wild Caught Parrots with our open free flight aviaries.  

Due to the rising costs of operating the Sanctuary, we are increasing the Lifetime of Care Financial Fees for some of Lifetime of Care categories effective Nov. 1st, 2019 for NEW applicants. This is the first time we have increased the fees since the program began over ten years ago. In order to maintain responsible finances for the direct care of our residents, and after much consideration, this was a necessary step. Please review the new fees listed below.  This price change does not mandatorily affect current Lifetime of Care Members.

Read this page FULLY and follow the directions or your request will NOT be considered.  Thank you.

Fee Structure

  • Small birds - $250 one-time fee (Parakeets / Finches) (NO INCREASE)

  • Small birds - $1,000 one-time fee (Cockatiels) ($250 INCREASE)

  • Medium birds - $1,000 / yr. (Conures / Quakers) ($250 INCREASE)

  • Medium birds - $1,200 / yr. (Amazons / Greys) ($200 INCREASE)                     

  • Large birds - $1,500 / yr. (Macaws) (NO INCREASE)

Due to the large number of requests for birds to live as permanent residents at the Sanctuary, we now have a mandatory form for you to fill out so we may review these requests to our best ability.  Acceptance of birds depends on available resources such as space and funding.  All requests will be reviewed and considered, however submission of a request does not imply or guarantee acceptance.  If we are able to accept your bird as a resident at the Sanctuary, you will hear back with us within 2 weeks of submitting the request.  We may need more information from you in order to make a final decision.  Decisions are made by Staff and/or Board Members of Project Perry Inc. based on how well we feel the bird(s) will integrate and thrive in one of our environments.  You must fill out the form on the next page in its entirety and email it, along with at least two photographs but no more than five, to to be considered.  Photographs must have good lighting and clear & focused of your bird(s) and your bird’s current environment.  Even after submitting this form, please continue to research other options for your bird’s placement in the case that we are not able to accept your bird(s).  Failure to provide us the requested information, including photos, will result in your request to not be considered – the more detailed information you can provide us, the better it will help us to make a decision.  If you do not wish to place your bird(s) with us at this time but are instead interested in Estate Planning for your bird’s future, please contact us separately in email or phone.  Thank you for your consideration to entrust us with your bird(s).

I have read the above information.  I understand that there is no guarantee that Project Perry will accept my bird to live at the sanctuary. 

I understand that I will need to fill out the form on the next page completely to be considered.

Lifetime of Care, Roberto

Meet Roberto.  He is here on Lifetime of Care.  His family will sometimes facetime with him and came to visit with him in October 2016.  We encourage a relationship with your bird even after they are put here.  They will always be your bird... and they never forget you.

We’d like to share our story about Roberto and Project Perry.  My family has always been animal lovers and throughout the years we've shared our apartment with fishes, turtles, hamsters, birds and cats -  great critters we either bought or were nursing back to health after finding them hurt. All of our pets eventually passed or were set free and for many years our home was empty until one day my sister and I wandered into a pet store (something we don’t ever really do) and our attention was caught by several large birds. One beautiful African Grey in particular caught our attention; he was foraging against the door of his small cage and it broke our heart to see him locked up. They took him out of the cage for us to hold and he nestled under our chins immediately - it felt like a sign and we felt an immediate connection. We left but the grey did not leave our thoughts and we took our parents back to meet him. The parrot had a very similar reaction to being held by our father and mother and he started to vocalize. It was not long after that that we purchased Roberto. (Side note: We were sorely ignorant that this kind of purchase supports breeding that is often unregulated, abusive and ultimately the source of the many problems these birds face.) We were so excited to have him with us and offer him love and a bigger home.  We purchased a large cage for him that took up a third of our living room and also created a play area for him with real branches.  Once it was finished we picked him up from the store. He was a loving , vibrant, talkative and an intelligent little guy who warmed our hearts every day and enriched our lives especially our parents' who were retired when we bought him. 


Eight years went by and life threw us a curveball - our parents would move away to South America. Despite all our efforts to keep him engaged it was not long before we realized that Roberto was home alone too many hours of the day and that he was not himself. We went back and forth with the thought of finding a better home/life for him.  Saddened by the realIzation that he would have a fuller life elsewhere our search for sanctuaries began. We searched for months and we finally came across Project Perry. From the moment we saw the short video of Matt sitting in the Grey Aviary we knew we had found a home for Roberto.  Just looking through their website we could feel dedication of this sanctuary to their mission and we decided to make a trip from New York to Virginia to visit and meet Matt and Kirah. Our trip only confirmed our gut feeling about what a wonderful place this was.   They took the time to show us around and sit  with us for two days to inform us on every aspect of the site and work and answered our questions so we could really understand the kind of care Roberto would be given.  Our second trip was with Roberto and it was one of the hardest things our family had to do - saying farewell to our little guy. The first couple of days and months were hard for us and I'm sure it was hard for Roberto. We kept in contact with Roberto through videos , pictures and Face Time and were also given updates all the time which made us feel like we still had a connection - all of which made the separation a little easier to bear. 


It's been one year since we left him at Project Perry and we packed up a third time to go visit him. We were just a ball of emotions, excited to see him, afraid he might not recognize us or that our visit would be detrimental to his well being and sad that we would have to leave... I am happy to say that within the first few moments we were certain that this was the best decision we could have made for Roberto. Matt, Kirah and the volunteers are such amazing people, the truly have a calling for the work they do and are dedicated to these birds in a way that we ourselves might never have been. Their lives are centered on caring for these amazing creatures. They know each bird by name, their personalities, likes and dislikes  - we have never witnessed such love, devotion and passion to one's "job." All the residents at Project Perry are just blessed to have these people in their lives. We trusted them with what was most precious to us and they have exceeded all of our hopes. All are so very cared for and loved. Should there be any doubt in your mind of whether or not you should place you feathered buddy into a Lifetime Care Program please put it aside. I think the biggest misconception is that once you leave your bird it’s not “your” bird anymore, if you've watched the video of our visit you can see within seconds that this idea is far from the truth. Distance and time aside, your bird will always be yours and the bond that you have will always remain. Everyone at Project Perry is honestly there for the birds’ wellbeing and they will do everything to see this through.   They are great about keeping you in touch with your loved one. They encourage contact as much as possible which is something you should take advantage of! Trust me the birds won't resent you. Roberto recognized us right away when we walked through the door.. We also noticed he has a relationship with everyone at Project Perry and most importantly he seems more balanced and we know this comes from spending time with other birds. He had never looked or behaved better and he still has all the quirks that make Roberto, Roberto. Saying goodbye to him again (although very hard) was a bit better this time around.  We left with peace in our hearts and minds knowing that because of Project Perry Roberto has two families.


Thank you Project Perry for all that you do 365 days a year.   Your foresight and tenacity will ensure a very successful future!


Thanks to all who took the time to read about our journey. 

Lifetime of Care, Mr. Magoo (Gooey)

Gooey is a wild caught Timneh African Grey. He was purchased by his loving owner in Africa. When she saw him, he was a fresh caught baby Timneh surrounded by sick and dying birds in a crate. Sadly, she could only take him as so many others were so far gone. When the time came, she filled out all of the legal paperwork, he went through U.S. quarantine, and eventually was placed here to live out the rest of his life.  He is much loved and has a great personality.

Lately, Gooey's age is catching up to him a bit.  So we felt that it would be a good idea for a visit with our exotic specialists for a check up.  He was seen by Dr. Neilson at SEAVS in Fairfax, Va.  We invited his owner to meet us there to be a part of his appointment.  This is just one of the many things that we are willing to do for our wonderful Lifetime of Care Members.  We want owners to always remain in the life of their precious bird should they choose to do so!  


Lifetime of Care, Kiku's Dad

Pumpkin's Family Visit