New Hire Pay Information

Starting salary is $27,600 / yr.  ($15,600 by bi-weekly paycheck and $12,000 rent and utilities benefit).


Let’s break this down a bit.  Because this job is obviously located in Louisa, we will base it on rent here in the county.


Rent in Louisa for a NICE place is going to run $800 - $1,200 a month for an apartment/house where you live on your own.


Rent for a house with roommates will be anywhere between $400 - $800 a month.


We will go with apartment/house rent at median $1,000 monthly as most people prefer to live alone versus with people they don’t know.


Starting pay $27,600 annually minus:


Rent: $1,000 a month is $12,000 annually.  Well, there went the $12,000 rent/utilities benefit.


Electric: $80 a month is $960 annually.


Commute (no commute when you live on site in cabin with $12,000 rent/utility benefit):  Gasoline:  $20 a week is $1,040 annually  (more frequent oil changes, wear and tear on car, etc can be added to that $1,040 annual gasoline for your car expenses)


Water Bill/Well use charges:  $50 a month is $600 annually.


Your total bills:  $13,000 (BEFORE taxes)


These are your basic rent and utilities.  You may also have your own personal bills which are not part of the benefit.  Example:  Cable/Satellite TV, Cellular Phone, Your “free time” entertainment.


You will pay taxes on the full $27,600 annual pay  (Project Perry, Inc. pays $15,600 in hand should you choose to live off site, you will not receive the $12,000 on site benefit if you do not live on site, obviously).


Here is how living on site benefits you financially:


You don’t pay taxes on the $12,000 because the Project Perry, Inc. holds that money as there is no need to pay the employee just to have the employee turn around and give the $12,000 allowance back to the sanctuary. After taxes are taken out, you’d have to pull more money from your take home to cover the rent/utilities.  Your TAKE HOME pay is $15,600 start.  (Before taxes)  Now, based on all of the above figures, you don’t pay rent, electric, water/well use, and you have no commute as you live on site.  


Take the $15,600 you have in hand annually (minus taxes) take home pay with NO RENT/UTILITIES.  As you would prove yourself, your pay would increase over time.  Without rent and utilities, you would sit pretty.  Depending on where you would choose to live, you may pay more in rent utilities and take home less even less than the above work up.  


Also note:  Living on site is more or less around $30,000 annual pay when you consider that Project Perry, Inc will pay 50% of your monthly medical insurance premium (monthly insurance bill) should you decide to get medical insurance through work. 

Bottom line, take home pay before taxes is $15,600 annually.  No rent/utilites.  If you choose to live off site, then your rent and utilities for wherever you live, comes out of the $15,600.  

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