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Rescue Cases


We accept SOME rescue cases!  Contact us for infomation and discussion
(Continue reading this page thoroughly for more information.) 

Until further notice, we are accepting RESCUE CASES ONLY.  This means a bird is in imminent danger.  A few examples that AREN'T RESCUE CASES are (but not limited to):  


  • You want to travel, and your bird is in the way.

  • Your bird is too loud so your neighbor/landlord is complaining/threatening eviction

  • You are having a new baby so your bird has to go

  • Your bird is destroying your house by “being a bird”

  • You or a friend/family member is moving, and can't take your/their responsibility with you/them

  • Your bird is biting you/family member(s)

  • Someone left you their bird when they passed on and you don't want/can't handle the responsibility(*see below)

  • You're "dying" (**more info below) 


If you are in immediate need of assistance in relinquishing your bird(s), you will need to reach out to other sanctuaries/adoption agencies to assist you!  We appreciate your interest in placing your bird here but we must continue providing the best care possible to the residents already in our care without getting in over our heads with a "too large" population.  Thank you for your understanding.

*  While we do feel immense sympathy for those who have lost loved ones and acquired their bird upon their death, it is not considered a rescue.  Sadly, the majority of bird owners do not realize how important it is to make arrangements for their bird's care should they pass due to the long lifespan of many bird species.  Simply because a bird's owner has passed on, does not mean that we will ever accept a parrot here without financial support.  Most people who acquire a loved one's bird do not feel obligated to financially support their bird.  

**  If you are dying, and your bird is in danger of having no where to go, (needs rescue), you will need to submit a doctor's note stating so.  Your bird still may not be "rescued" until you've passed.  (Remember, you are still financially responsible for your bird even after you're gone.  Proof of financial responsibility MUST be submitted in advance of your death.)  Too many people have placed a bird here because they were "at death's door" only to miraculously become healthy enough to travel extensively and even purchase new parrots.  Project Perry is not a place to dump your responsibilities so that you may go out and live life to the fullest after your responsibility has become the responsibility of Project Perry.  

Do you need more information? 

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We DO NOT accept cockatoos.  We do not have a facility for them at this sanctuary! 

Our Lifetime of Care Program is suspended indefinitely.  


We are NOT ACCEPTING new relinquish requests or Estate Planning Requests for placement.  Those applicants who are already on our waiting list have not lost their place in line, these birds are still “accepted”.  We are ONLY accepting requests for Rescue Services for placement consideration at this time until further notice.  If you have to ask us or yourself, "Am I on the list?", then you're probably not.  If we have accepted your bird in a past agreement/meeting, then there should be no question as to whether or not you are on our list here.  You would have something from us in writing stating that we have accepted your bird upon your death via Estate Planning.  

Why is the Lifetime of Care Program suspended?

We have been asked this question numerous times since the suspension of our Lifetime of Care Program and the short answer is this:  We are not fully staffed and we refuse to get in over our heads with a too large population.  We remain committed in our quest for the perfection we have come to expect from ourselves.  New intakes simply require too much of our time with the application process, meeting face to face for an interview, and then taking the time to properly acclimate a new arrival here in the flock settings.


Additionally, the cost of everything (veterinarian visits, bird produce/food, utilities, propane, seeds/grains, etc) has risen substantially and we will be adjusting our costs for Lifetime of Care accordingly once inflation settles. 

We hope to bring this program back in the future but as of now, there is no set timeframe for when it may return.  In the meantime, consider keeping your parrot or seek another accredited sanctuary for placement.  

Thank you.  



Additional information about bird Intakes: Various factors are taken into consideration when determining Sanctuary population and intake abilities. These include, but are not limited to – flock dynamics, aging/special needs percent of population, rising costs of care (food, veterinary, utilities), current employed staff and a future outlook of sanctuary perpetuity based on generational workforce conditions and availability in the field of animal caregiving. We plan to keep our resident numbers well under 200 as we feel this is best in order to maintain the quality of care that we have kept in focus for the past nearly 20 years of operation. For this reason, intakes including new Lifetime of Care requests and new Estate Planning requests are not being considered. Legitimate rescue cases MAY be considered but is based on the situation, species and availability of resources at the Sanctuary. Otherwise, we may be able to direct you to another organization that may be able to help. Should you know of a bird in urgent or immediate need of legitimate rescue, please write to us with all available information about the situation while keeping in mind that there is NO GUARANTEE that we will take the bird.

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