Sunroom & House Birds


A few of the parrots living at Project Perry are emotionally or physically unable to live safely or comfortably in an aviary.  At Project Perry we offer every bird the chance to live in a free flight aviary if they choose to do so.  In some cases a bird may be very aggressive and therefore unable to live with other birds due to the threat of attack.  Some are unable to fly, unable to protect themselves, or unable to make the change to aviary from a lifetime in a cage.  In cases such as these, they live in the sunroom where they have plenty of room for short flights, play, and enrichment.  Some of our residents enjoy human interaction more than others, and they are able to enjoy more time with human interaction in this atmosphere.  We at Project Perry prefer all birds to enjoy the freedom of free flight, but here at the sanctuary, we allow the bird to make the choice and we do our best to give them what they wish so that they may enjoy their life.  

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Snowie came from a 300+ rescue from a hoarder's house in Atlanta. It was one of the worst scenes ever found by rescuers. The house had to be air exchanged three times before humans were able to enter. Snowie was to arrive with two other birds but her mate never made it to Project Perry. To much damage caused an early death. Snowie has many breathing issues and is always watched very carefully. She is fearful but little by little she is getting more trusting. We're very glad she is here.