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The Valentine Crew

This page is to honor the precious 13 African Grey Parrots that were rescued from New Jersey during the week of Valentine's Day.  Here you can read a little about them, and Sponsor one (or more) of them.  These precious birds have a long road ahead of them, but it's a very bright one compared to where they've come from.


Callista arrived with her mate, Calypso in February of 2015.  Sadly, Calypso had a severe heart condition and passed away leaving darling Callista alone.  She mourned for quite some time, but found friends in the Special Needs Aviary.  As time went on, she moved on and her skills for flying became better and better.  She graduated to the 3,600 square feet aviary and she has flourished.  Calypso is buried close by.  She often hangs out in the area where she can overlook his resting place... perhaps she knows he is there.  Callista is amazing and we hope this angel continues to spread her wings and fly for many more years here at Project Perry. 


A.J. had his toes chewed off by his parents while he was still in the breeder box when he was very young.  He's an obvious survivor as he had no veterinarian care for his injuries.  Upon his arrival here he was quite afraid but quickly overcame that fear and was a sunroom "bully".  He learned to fly while in the sunroom and became so good at it, he was moved to the Special Needs Aviary where he has become an even better flyer.  He has special perches inside of the aviary so that he can eat comfortably.  Widened perches in areas for his landings though he doesn't need them... he doesn't see himself as handicapped, and he certainly doesn't act like it.  He's an awesome little guy.


Simon was a terrified little guy upon his arrival but even though he is still not fond of human presence... he doesn't scream anymore whenever a human is nearby.  He made friends with one of our oldest residents  here once  he was put into the Special Needs Aviary.  Peach took him "under her wing" and a friendly relationship came to be rather quickly.  Simon will occasionally eat close to Matt or I without the fear that he once had when he was a new arrival.  We feel that perhaps Peach had something to do with that.  We're glad that he is here.  We look forward to many more years with this guy and hopefully he will continue to blossom here.

Valentine & Gideon

Valentine came to us completely naked aside from her head feathers.  Gideon came to us nervous and terrified of everything.  Valentine has always been very brave though she remained very cautious.  Valentine actually grew her feathers in completely, but when hormone season came spring of 2016, she pulled them all out again.  She visited the veterinarian but it looks as if it is habitual only as her health is fine.  She is nicknamed "roadrunner" because she can run so fast.  Gideon is always very close behind her.  You'd think it is to protect her, but Valentine is fearless whereas Gideon is still very guarded.  They are an amazing pair.  We love them dearly.


Kendi came to us very afraid, and sadly, he still is.  His body is very old, broken, and he is unable to fly.  He will growl at anyone who he feels is to close and sadly, as soon as he sees a human enter the aviary, he is on edge.  In November of 2015 a new arrival named Oliver came to the sanctuary and they have become very good friends.  Kendi is happy, but he will probably never want humans close to him... Understandable after what he has been through. 

Happy & SweetPea

Happy and SweetPea came to us quite guarded.  They have both blossomed here at Project Perry.  SweetPea enjoys human interaction and the peek-a-boo game.  Happy is pretty much his own bird and is not to fond of human interaction hands on.  He will dance with you and ask you "whad'a ya doin?"  He's protective of SweetPea and is almost always very close by keeping an eye on her.  She is very gentle and very adorable.  They will both happily take treats from our hands.  They enjoy hiding in the ferns inside of the 3,600 square feet aviary... perhaps the most surprising discovery was the fact that SweetPea learned how to fly on her own... She's very good at it!


Sam is a happy bird who came to us trying to run away,... but now runs to us... but only to run BY us.  He is so fast you will usually see a blur shoot across the ground or on a perch in front of you.  He is good at zig zagging too.  He doesn't really fly to much, but he doesn't seem to need to because he can move so quickly.  He is our other "road runner".  He loves to be outside in the sunlight and when it rains, he turns his face up to the sky so that the rain can wash over his face.  He's a great bird and lots of fun to watch. 


Amare is one of our most delicate from this group.  Amare has a "too small" body that should not support his heart or organs.  He is a true survivor with a major will to live.  We contemplated surgery to fix his bones but because the bones themselves are bent... there is nothing we can do.  Surgery would pose a serious threat to his heart as well.  However, in the time that he has been here, he has learned to walk using his legs that were once useless, he also uses his beak as a "cane".  He can even "jump fly" a little bit.  He loves to have time outdoors in the aviary.  The most shocking part of it all; is the ability to use his legs that were once completely useless.  He can open his toes and move his legs now.


Darling Anessy... She has had it really bad.  She is missing her whole bottom part of her leg on one side and the other, she has barely anything as well.  She can balance well when she is not afraid or nervous, she is unable to fly, but she has special wrappings on her perches to keep her legs comfortable while perching.  Anessy used to be terrified of EVERYTHING.  Boxes, people, vacuums, brooms, you name it, she was terrified and would fall from her perch trying to get away.  Now... she plays in boxes, she sings to the vacuum, she watches the broom, and she LOVES to be interacted with by women.  She even allows some of us to take her OUT of her cage for affection!  Amazing!

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