Project Perry's Christmas Fundraiser  

$3,580 of $5,000 Goal

 $1,420 to go! 

As of 1:18p 11/30/2020

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Guess what is on Project Perry’s Christmas List?! Haha. Propane, it keeps the birds in the Aviaries warm and safe during the cold winter months. It also fuels the three generators that keep the sanctuary running at 100% in case of a shore power outage. The generators ensure that the birds never have to worry about staying warm. When we have the tanks filled to their 3,000-gallon capacity, the sanctuary is able to run at 100% for about three weeks nonstop. The birds have been enjoying their heat at night for a while now. (Winter tease arrived in early October this year!)  


In a normal year during the winter season, propane runs the sanctuary anywhere between $10,000 - $15,000.  The colder the nights/days are, the more heat has to run for keeping the birds toasty warm.  The aviaries are insulated quite well so they maintain the warmer temperatures from the heat.  


We know how crazy 2020 has been so we will set our goal for $5,000 to start.  Giving Tuesday starts late in 2020, so we are starting a bit earlier in case anyone would like to donate before the actual Christmas Season starts.  


If you’d like to donate for the Christmas season, (or any other time) simply go to PayPal or however you are most comfortable donating… and put that you would like your donation to go towards "general operating expenses, propane." We'll see that it goes to where you designate!! THANK YOU!


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