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The New 2,400 sq ft  African Grey Aviary

It starts with an idea,... a vision.  Matt and I (Kirah) have known for quite some time that we were going to see a need for Project Perry to expand to cover the ever-growing population of African Grey Parrots.  Earlier in July, Matt and I choose the perfect spot.  The construction professionals were called in to make our vision a reality.  On July 8th, 2018 in the early morning hours; we heard the machine moving in and the trees began to fall.  The trees were moved out of the way to make a safe spot for the new structure.  The new African Grey Aviary is becoming a reality.  There is a lot of work ahead of us to make it possible, but like everything else, we'll get it done.  That's what we do because we love these birds and we need to be certain that there is room for those precious souls that haven't found us yet.  Follow this page for updates and for those out there that wonder how we do this, here is the place to learn.  Save your pennies,... this type of a quality aviary structure isn't cheap.  As construction happens, photos will be added.

We could not have done this without the very generous donation from a supporter couple.  Their pledge to fund this aviary 100% with half of the funding up front is what made it possible for us to get moving NOW.  Within a week of receiving the first check with 1/2 up front, we started moving.  Thank you to these very special supporters for their faith and support in us.  Matt, Caitlin, and I are ready to make this happen along the side of our professionals to make this a QUALITY STRUCTURE that will stand the test of time; just like all of the structures before it!  Safety zones around the aviary, predator proofing, four season capabilities and every thing else you all have come to expect from us will come to be.  

A lot of blood and sweat is always a part of building these aviaries, and by gollie, we're ready!  Say "hello" to our new African Grey Parrot Aviary!  2,400 sq ft of paradise for those lucky enough to land here at Project Perry!

Move in day!  June 2021

Spring, 2021 (April)

The guys recently worked on the uprights in the new aviary.

First the piping is cut so the uprights (trees) that are cut from the forest (bird safe tree species) can fit into the pipes. Holes are dug for the pipe to sit inside of, and later the uprights are placed inside of the pipe. (Does this make sense? ) The pipes are very important as they make it difficult for the birds to chew where the upright meets the ground causing the whole perch system to fall over, and could potentially injure a bird quite seriously.

Spring, 2020 (April)

February 2019 - February 2020

November 2018 -January 2019

 July 8, 2018 - September 2018

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