At Project Perry, The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary,

We provide sanctuary for a variety of birds/parrots.


The Special Needs Grey Aviary is 1,250 square feet. It is lovingly named "Peach's Aviary" and it houses African Grey Parrots that are unable to fly due to various reasons such as inability to fly, atrophied muscles, blindness, pet birds that have come to the sanctuary to live, (They usually start out in here), and for other reasons that may present themselves. The Aviary opened October of 2013. The outdoor and indoor areas are large enough for short flights and walks. There are various trees, logs, and "ladder/ramp" logs for the birds to move around.


The main Grey Aviary is 3,600 square feet. The aviary opened in spring of 2009. This aviary provides sanctuary for fully flighted African Grey Parrots that choose whether they wish to fly or walk. There are many wild caught African Greys that live in the aviary and the wild calls ring out over the whole sanctuary. At any given time, there are 35-45 parrots living here.


The Small Bird Aviary is home to Cockatiels and Parakeets. The Aviary is 1,250 square feet and opened in the fall of 2015. Inside the aviary the small birds fly freely and at will. It is a happy feeling aviary filled with small birds that have big personalities. We love our small birds.   


The Conure Aviary is filled with Conures, Quakers, Senegals, a Severe Macaw, and the like. The Aviary is 1,250 square feet and opened in the spring of 2013. Inside the aviary various Conure sized birds fly freely and at will. It is also a high energy aviary with plenty of places to fly, hang out, and anything else these little high energy birds may enjoy.

The Amazon Aviary is 3,000 square feet and opened in April of 2014. It provides an outdoor area large enough for the Amazons to spread their wings and fly at will.

The Bob Barker Macaw Aviary residents have moved in! There are 3,900 square feet for these birds to enjoy!  The grand opening was celebrated at the 2017 Annual Open House at Project Perry! 


As time goes on, Matt Smith, Founder of Project Perry is hoping to erect a Welcome Center and various other possible aviaries.


All of the aviaries at Project Perry have an indoor area that heated in the winter, and cooled by a fan or two, based on the aviary size in order to move air through the enclosed area in the summer on hot summer days. A sprinkler is brought in for excessively hot days as well, and the large African Grey Aviary has a sprinkler system installed. The ground is mulched and red wiggler worms were brought in to break down bird waste and food that falls to the ground.  3,000 gallons of propane fuel 3 generators that run the 27 acres as normal in the event of power loss. 


It is important to understand, this is their home. The birds that reside here are allowed and encouraged to make their own choices in how they wish to spend their time while in a controlled and safe aviary. Many of these birds have been through extremely horrifying ordeals. Especially the older wild caught parrots. Each bird has a story, it is up to us to listen.


If you would like more information on the aviaries at Project Perry, Please feel free to contact us.