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Are you hard working and willing to take on the very important responsibility of caring for the innocent parrots that reside here?  Click a Grey and apply today!

When visiting Louisa, please consider stopping to visit with some of our amazing local supporters!

***In order to be considered for hire, you will be required to volunteer 2 days with on site accommodations.  Read the information in black and white BEFORE applying***  

- You must still send in the requested information prior to the required volunteering.  If you are considered for employment, you will be invited to volunteer and see EXACTLY (an idea of) what would be expected of you if you were to be employed here.  YOU ARE NOT guaranteed a job position here even after volunteering.  This is considered a longer in person interview.  This is required because most applicants do not understand how this job position will literally become your life-

This position is more than just a "job".  This position is long term.  It is not meant to be a "pit stop" on your way to what you feel might be bigger and better things.  This caretaker position requires a serious PASSION for parrots.  You will not "get rich" working here.  What you will find; is an incredible purpose to your life.  You will have the opportunity to make a difference in the world, especially for the residents at Project Perry.  We are dealing with living creatures here, not inanimate objects such as files that you can leave on a desk when the "work day" is over.  This needs to become your life.  Leaving every "weekend" or "days off" for the duration is unacceptable.  This will need to become your home.  It needs to become your life.  Emergencies can happen at any time and we may need extra coverage, meaning you could possibly be called to cover various duties.  Of course you would be compensated for that time.  Bottom line, understand that this would need to become your life.  You would need to be ready to live HERE.  You are also welcome to live in town or close by if you prefer that over the trailer on site here.  Keep in mind, utilities and "rent" are covered if you live here on site in the trailer.  You will not be paid more/compensated finacially if you decide to live close by off site.  

Could this "job" be your PASSION?

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At this time we are not considering new requests. 

 (This means NO birds of ANY species)

(We are not putting anyone on a waiting list as we have no idea when we will be considering new requests again)

(We are not a parrot placement facility and we are too busy to help place your birds.  You will need to take that responsibility on yourself)

(You are welcome to use our bulletin board, but you must read the requirements)

We are now considering new residents for our Lifetime of Care Program and rescue situations.  There is a new procedure that MUST be followed or you will NOT BE CONSIDERED

See our Lifetime of Care page  to begin.

Hello everyone!  We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We’ve started the new year busy as ever and we don’t plan on slowing down!  That being said,… we are reaching out to our supporters for any help you all might be able to give for a very precious resident here named Sammy.  By his own choice Sammy and I have recently become friends, and at the same time, he has been getting sick.  He was sick in October, treated, given the all clear, and returned to the aviary where he and his mate quickly resumed their happy  life in the aviary.  The week of Christmas, he fell ill once again with the same issue, a high number of bacteria in his digestive system.  This time more extensive testing was done and his doctors found an area of concern in his lower abdomen near his ventriculus, the part of the food tract in which digestion takes place, especially the lower cavity of a compound stomach.  It could be numerous things so we are going to be moving forward with a barium swallow.  If you don’t know what that is, click this link for a general idea.  Obviously, this study will be done on a bird and this article is going to be more towards human. .  PDD has been ruled out because the tell-tail signs of an enlarged proventriculus are not there.  The proventriculus is a standard part of avian anatomy.   It is generally a glandular part of the stomach that may store and/or commence digestion of food before it progresses to the gizzard.  The Barium Swallow will have reflective components that will assist in our exotics/avian veterinarians pinpointing the issue causing the problem.   This part of the digestive system keeps getting blocked causing issues with gut motility.   Sammy’s immune system and body is jeopardized due to the life he had as a breeder bird.  There is irreversible damage to this little guy's body.  He will be put under anesthesia numerous times during this procedure.  He may not make it.  We can’t just let this go, injecting him with antibiotics twice a day for the rest of his life.  Eventually his body would build up immunity to the antibiotics for one, and that is no way for this guy to live the rest of his life for two.  Yesterday, Matt and I decided to bring his mate (Betty) indoors so that he still has her close by, so he has a cage free room with a small flock in the sunroom.  Sammy and Betty saw each other, and immediately Sammy calmed down, Betty looked at him, he flew to her, they beaked and then spent the remainder of the day preening and enjoying one another’s company.  They don’t fear us when we walk in, and interact with us when we sing, click, and chat to them.  Sammy didn’t deserve to be dealt this hand in life, and we will fight as hard as we can to make sure the rest of his life is as good as possible.  There are no monthly funds coming in currently for Sammy’s care or any of the other’s that came with him.  It falls on the sanctuary’s donor dollars 100%.  He is a retired wild caught breeder/rescue who needed a place like this versus a caged life somewhere.  If you can donate, or sponsor him, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please help us if you can. 


Please people, diet and exercise are crucial.  Try to do research on the internet or look into avian groups that have the time to assist with many questions.  Bird owners can even meet with an avian veterinarian if assistance is needed.  I know that many will do “informative” appointments.  I’ve seen it in person at our veterinarian’s office when a family was thinking of bringing a "pet" lizard into their home.  I know we have pet stores and breeders on this page.  You can deny the importance of a proper diet and activity all you want, but Sammy comes from a retired group that has given us more issues than any other group of retired or rescued birds.  I’ve SEEN the necropsies in person done by a Certified Exotic Avian Veterinarian with MANY YEARS of practice and knowledge under his belt.  The X-rays, the strokes, the illnesses, don’t lie.   When the damaged body and organs are right there open and in your face, you can’t deny it.  It may sound harsh, but the truth hurts.  These birds fall ill and die way before their time.  We’ve had more medical issues and deaths in this group of ex breeders which were all a reflection of a life with improper diet and lack of exercise.   So please, take care of your birds and for those of you breeding/selling them take care of your employees/merchandise.  I can tell you to stop till I’m blue in the face, but I know it does no good.  If you don’t like this post, leave the page and continue denying what a huge part of the parrot problem you are.  This is what you are doing when you deny these birds a proper life, diet, and exercise.  You are also creating an overabundance of birds that live (hopefully) long lives that have nowhere to go and are passed from home to home when they show they are “birds” and/or outlive their owner(s).  This also goes for those of you buying birds.  I've bought my share, and I did it in blissful ignorance.  I've been cured of that ignorance and that's why I dedicate my life to helping others to be "cured" like I have been.  As sad as it is to leave a bird behind, when you buy it, you're creating a demand to replace them. Period.  It's not fair, but that's why this circle needs to stop. Be part of the solution, not the problem.   
-Kirah (post read and approved by Matt)

How an angel brought light and sanctuary to my life


Matt requested that I write something about myself, so let me make this quick, I'm not really that interesting of a person to be honest.  I was born, raised, educated, graduated, educated, work, sleep, work sleep... you get the idea.  That was easy huh?  Ok ok ok, let's start with July 30th, 2012:


July 30, 2012 around 3:45pm, I walked into a pet store to simply visit with birds, ignorant to what I was supporting and no idea what a bird sanctuary was. I mean really, all we really hear about are dogs, cats, dolphins, whales, so birds, what’s the problem?  Boy was I blissful in my ignorance. When I stumbled across a baby Timneh, and a sibling one locked eyes with me and I started to go crazy over it, talking to it, touching it, holding it, and listening to the sounds.  I ended up leaving it that day, to think it over one more day. Little did I know that my life was about to change. I had been researching for 6 years, to decide which one baby bird I was going to buy. I didn't know much of the "Timneh Grey" species so I wanted to read up, think, and make sure that I was ready for a 40 - 60 year commitment. I just remember I kept going back over and asking this sweet baby parrot, "Do I take you? Can I make you happy? Can I give you a life you deserve? Am I ready?". I’d walk away, return, walk away return, walk away, return... I finally put a 24 hour hold on this little parrot baby, and left as the store was about to close... I was about to have one heck of a sleepless night.

The evening of July 30th into the early hours of the 31st was a fitful time of sleep for me.  Actually, I don't think I got any sleep that night.  I have never second guessed myself so much. So many people pick up a baby bird on a whim. They don’t understand that these intelligent creatures have sensitive minds, memories, goals, desires, and a will to live. They are a LIFE. They deserve a full and happy life if we as humans are going to take them from their habitat and stick them in unnatural locations, like a cage. I wasn't ignorant to that.  I've had birds my whole life but never a parrot this intelligent.  Before this little life in front of me, I had only had Parakeets and Lovebirds.  I had to make sure that I wasn’t one of those people that was acting on a whim and without any idea as to what I was getting myself into. I had to envision myself with failing eyesight, grey hair, perhaps an “older person” illness many years down the road. I lay there, awake all night, thinking about these things. Did I have time? Would she be happy?  Was it fair for me to expect her to be “satisfied” living in a house rather than flying free outside? Was I right to adopt her from this location? If I didn’t, who would? Would they give her the love she deserves? Did I have enough money saved up for a substantial Veterinarian Bill if something were to happen? I started to think: “If I don’t take her in, someone else will. I’ve wanted a bigger bird, I’ve done my research, I have lovebirds and parakeets that are surpassing their life span expectancy, they’re healthy and happy... I can do this...”   I went to work the next day and left for an hour or two so that I could run and pick up my bird. I took someone along with me who to help keep my new baby parrot calm on the drive home. I didn’t know her name yet, but I had a name I had chosen, but wasn’t sure I was going to use it. I cried the whole way there, I almost turned around 3 or 4 times. Finally, I was there, I purchased her, a cage, toys, food, etc. I had the ladies there pluck 4 of her feathers so I could send them away for DNA testing.  I loaded up the car, and came back to work, with her. I prepared the DNA package and mailed it out, and my baby was introduced to people. Many people. She was never nervous, never scared, always accepting. I thought she was male due to the calm way she acted, but when the results came back 3 days later, with tears in my eyes, I announced, “I have a princess! A girl!” I then went to her eye level and told her, “you’re my princess.” “Jupiter”. But like her, I wanted the name to be unique. So I played with it, and came up with Joupityr. What many people don’t understand, is that Joupityr saved my life. Life was so mundane, depressing, boring, repetitive. I didn’t want to wake up anymore, and I was planning to ensure that one day soon, I wouldn’t. I have something to live for now. Joupityr is my everything. She is the missing piece of my soul. She has made life worth living again. When I asked God to give me a reason, a sign to keep on going... he sent her to me. An angel, direct from heaven, sent to me by the breath of God when he answered my prayer. My greatest gift. 


Due to my purchase of Joupityr, I started to do a lot of research about Timneh Greys and I was amazed at what I was learning.  I couldn't stop reading.  I started reading about "breeders" and how we as people should adopt.  Then I saw why, I saw photos of breeder boxes, the cages these breeder birds live in, their conditions, and my heart sank.  Slaves robbed of their life.  Robbed of free will.  Robbed of choice.  I realized that I supported a horrible franchise when I "bought merchandise" from the pet store where I purchased Joupityr.   I have always wanted a Congo African Grey Parrot.  It is what I set out to find in the first place.  So I was at a place in my life that I could adopt a Congo, so I began to search.  I came across Project Perry while looking up adoptions and contacted Matt Smith, Founder of Project Perry.  He informed me that adoptions were rarely done at Project Perry anymore, but invited me out to visit when I asked him for more information on what Project Perry was.  I have had ideas in the past to make an aviary to house birds and ensure their happiness, more so after finding my Joupityr, but when I walked onto the lawn at Project Perry and saw the African Grey Aviary...I saw almost exactly what I had envisioned in my mind when I read about Sanctuaries and Rescues and the kind of aviary i wanted to build in the future.  Photos do not do the Sanctuary justice, you must experience these homes (aviaries) he created for the birds.  The day of the 2013 Open House at Project Perry was mostly a blur for me.  When i was about to leave with my friends, Matt looked me dead in the eye and asked if I wanted to go into the African Grey Aviary.  For whatever reason I thought he was kidding, but once I realized he was serious, my heart sang.   Upon entry into the African Grey Aviary, there was so much information to process.  The waterfall, the trees, the birds, the way they looked, how some were fearful, how some were inquisitive, how some didn't care we were there.  I was in paradise.  I left Project Perry that day and knew something in me had changed forever.  I tried to get out that summer but for health reasons and work reasons, I was unable until early September.   I went out for a visit and helped to get the back wall of the Special Needs Aviary up.  I was able to ask Matt tons of questions and proceeded to talk his ear off.  He invited us September 28th, 2013 to help mulch the Special Aviary and his Amazon Aviary.  We accepted.  I could not wait to return.  September 28th came and I was able to meet a lot of wonderful people and do my first "work" at the sanctuary.  I spent the weekend there and I was able to really take time to get to know the birds.  In October, Matt gave me the honor of assisting in moving the more fragile African Greys to the new Special Needs Aviary.  I learned a lot about who Matt Smith is that day when I saw the emotions pass over his face.  He loves his birds more than most people will ever be able to comprehend.  It's one of the many things I love about him. 


Fast forward to Early 2014, I was falling under Project Perry's spell even more and while in conversation with Matt we were talking about various things and somehow Joupityr's happiness came up.  I'm glad she is a well rounded little parrot with a larger than life personality.  Her clutchmate is already on it's 2nd home and by now, might be on it's 3rd, or worse, in a breeder box for the next 30+ years.  When I told Matt "I'm certainly glad Joupityr is happy."  He asked me, "How do you think her parents look?  I wonder if they're still in a box."   I burst into tears.  Her parents are only 2 of the many.  I know now what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.  I can't change everyone's mind.  I 'll never put an end to breeding, but if I can educate one person that is willing to think outside of the box... and they in turn do the same, then maybe we can save more lives from the disgusting actions of humans, that cause the need for Sanctuary and Rescue.  I hope that I will be able to make a difference since I'm at the sanctuary full time.  


I think that it's meant to be my life's work, or at least a large part of it.  Starting with Matt's request that I help him handle The Parrot Sponsorship site and The Project Perry Store so that his supporters can enjoy supporting Project Perry in many ways.  To you, his supporters, thank you.  To all of you I have met so far, thank you for being so wonderful and accepting of me coming to help with Project Perry.   To those of you that I haven't had the privilege of meeting yet, I can't wait to meet you!



Contact us for availability so we can find an agreeable date and time for your visit.

Hello Everyone!                                                          April 14, 2015


Matt and I have wanted to share this news publicly for about 3 weeks, but we needed to be sure that we were allowed to publicly acknowledge the foundation and the person(s) behind the foundation’s generosity. Around a year ago, contact with a foundation was made and a month and a half ago, a phone call came in. After 2 hours of Matt speaking on the phone… we waited. Two weeks later, Matt received a phone call with some of the most amazing news ever.


Bob Barker has donated $200,000 to Project Perry. Can you believe it? With this donation, Project Perry will purchase the additional land needed for expansion. The Small Bird Aviary is covered, and sometime in the next 1.5 or 2 years, a 4,000 sq ft Macaw Aviary will be built and named after Bob Barker. We can not express our gratitude to Bob Barker, his foundation, and his foundation representatives who have been a part of this.

Matt has created a sanctuary for parrots that is without doubt an amazing facility and a paradise for parrots in need of sanctuary. Matt has worked so hard, and I can not even begin to express how proud I am of him. Please join me in congratulating Matt on a DUALLY accredited sanctuary that so many believe in. Thank you to Bob Barker for you generosity and faith in this amazing facility that was started with a dream…



OMG... I didn't mention... BOB BARKER himself called to talk to Matt! LOL. Matt was star struck! lol

He needed more. 

One angel's search for true love and true family


"...After a few months, I got a message from Kirah, telling me she had a bird that could be a good fit for us.  She set me up through a message with his former owner, and after a series of messages and a FaceTime call, I knew that Bud (old name) would make a great addition to our family.  The one catch was Bud (old name) was in New Jersey and I live 11 hours away in Indiana. 


            At first we were able to set up a meeting halfway between both our houses, but for various reasons, it didn’t work.  I tried to change the date to work with the owner’s schedule, but the owner was not willing to work with me.  It was a stressful time, but I didn't give up.  Thanks to Kirah and a friend, I am picking Junipyr up this Saturday, November 5th, 2016.    Kirah and her friend went above and beyond to help me.  Her friend picked up Junipyr, took him to her house and watched him for two weeks.  She has given Junipyr love, attention, new toys and a healthy diet..."


Click the photo for the full story and photos

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Living accomidations. 2BR

(Click for larger photo)

This year will be a little different with tours.  Matt and Kirah are busy running the sanctuary full time without the ability to put aside the time required for tours to the public.  Tours will be on one day a month with a rain date available.  If neither of those days are good for anyone who wants to tour Project Perry, please consider trying another month.  If the weather isn't agreeable on any of the days, we will just have to reschedule the next available date in the following month.  Until we have reliable long term employees out here, we will not be able to provide tours any other way.  The resident's needs here at Project Perry come first. If your parrot is here on Lifetime of Care or if you are a Project Perry Sponsor, you will be able to visit your bird as soon as Matt/Kirah are able to set aside time to provide you entry to the area where your parrot lives.

Please join us in showing gratitude to the Doris Day Animal Foundation for their grant to Project Perry!!  Thank you!!!

The Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Charity founded in 1978 as the Doris Day Pet Foundation by legendary performer, Doris Day, with a straightforward mission that continues to this day:  to help animals and the people who love them.

Tour season is in full effect.  If you prefer to pay with personal check or credit card separate from our PayPal Checkout, you MUST email so that it is reflected in inventory.  We have limited space and if there are too many people, we will have to turn away the excess people that did not purchase correctly. Sadly, those people will have wasted a trip.  The good news is that those people might have the opportunity to visit at the next tour.  Ha!  Please follow instructions.. it makes my life much easier.  If you have questions, email me.  :-)  -Kirah


Here are the dates we are looking to provide tours, BUT these dates are SUBJECT TO CHANGE .  Ticket sales expire a week before the scheduled tour, so you will need to complete your purchase by then.  

The dates of the tours currently scheduled are as follows:


  • October:        TBD


Tours require a mandatory $20 per person donation.  Tours last at least 3 hours which comes to about $7 an hour to be up close and personal in the aviaries where our residents reside.  

More information is provided on the next page.  Read it thoroughly before purchasing your admission tour tickets.  After payment clears, information will be emailed to you with your tour information and the address where the tour will take place.  

IF for any reason we need to cancel the tour, we will be sure to contact everyone who has purchased admission to let them know.  We will either refund money or reschedule your tour, depending on what you'd want to do.  Emergencies and severe weather are the only reasons we would need to cancel.  We move forward with tours rain or shine so dress appropriately for the weather and if it is raining, you will get muddy.

Full-Time Caretaker

Louisa, Virginia


Send Resume and letter to: or mail:  PO BOX 1208 / Louisa VA / 23093

Level/Grade I

Type of position: Part time, Full Time & Live On-Site Full Time.  


  • Housing may be provided.  (Possibly, this will be discussed at the time of your application.  There is absolutely NO guarantee that you will be provided housing until you have been able to prove yourself as an asset to the sanctuary).  

  • A 600 sq ft cabin with full amenities or a two bedroom trailer 2017 model with constant full hook up. (photos at bottom of this page)

  • Hours:  40/wk. on average

  • We also offer health care coverage with 50% of the premium covered monthly by Project Perry.  It is available 90 days after employment hire date.


General Description


The role of the caretaker is an important one, ensuring that the animals are treated properly and receive high-quality care so they may flourish at the Sanctuary.  The caretaker must maintain a close working relationship with the Executive Director to ensure they properly complete tasks as assigned by the Executive Director.  While these tasks will vary, it may include any combination of the following:


  • In the morning, aid in the preparation of the fresh fruit and vegetable mix

  • Prepare food trays and dishes

  • Clean cages, flighted rooms and food preparation areas

  • Rake in new mulch in outdoor aviaries

  • Ensure temperature and humidity levels are bird-safe, both indoors and in aviaries

  • In the morning, follow protocol to ensure food quantities and placements have been followed, as well as daily cleaning and monitoring procedures

  • In the evening, follow protocol to ensure all birds are appropriately and safely housed, climate controlled environments are at proper levels for temperature and necessary preparations for the next morning have been completed.

  • Monitor birds for hazardous or detrimental behaviors

  • Aid in aviary construction (able to lift 50 pounds)

  • Special projects as designated by the Executive Director or Senior Staff

While this job posting is geared towards looking for an entry level caregiver position, we are also open to hiring someone with a higher level of supervisory experience and education to fulfill such a position within our team. For such a candidate, a higher pay amount may be negotiated and duties and requirements are more. 

As of January 1st, 2019, we now offer Group Medical Insurance to all full-time employees after 90 days.



Starting salary is $27,600 / yr.  ($15,600 by bi-weekly paycheck and $12,000 rent and utilities benefit).

Those with an animal care related degree such as LVT certification and related experience may negotiate for higher initial pay.

An increase in wages is based on annual evaluations.

Opportunity for promotion in an always growing animal welfare organization.

Work and education experience requirements


High School Diploma or GED

Parrot / Exotic Bird Experience not required but preferred.Will Train!


Please send us the following


Your Resume along with no more than one page telling us why you would like to live and work at the Sanctuary.We will be considering applicants until the position is filled.  Salary is negotiable but rent and utilities (up to $50/mo. electric) will be covered by the Sanctuary so please keep that in mind when applying.

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