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Gloria & Gannon made it through their appointment just fine. . A budgie “piggybacked” onto the appointment. She was acting a little bit off so we wanted to have her looked at. She’ll be fine. Just an old gal.

Now we will wait for their results. As expected, Gloria definitely has heart disease, but she is going to be just fine like so many others. We will be certain to do everything that we can for her moving forward. Gannon is a strong guy but he has signs of vitamin A deficiency. This is not uncommon for us either with rescue cases especially, and it will be addressed.


The wonderful woman who rescued these two from that ignorant %#@&$ breeder sent me the photo from the first time she ever saw these two. Needless to say my heart crumbled into pieces.  Gloria is definitely wild …and she is old. She has been in something like this most likely for the whole duration of her life. 

Gannon on the other hand, was a former pet. It is so important to know where your birds are going if something happens to you because this is the HELL where your “pet” bird could end up.  I think of my own precious Joupityr and the life that she lives with me… I think someone putting her into a situation to live like this would kill her in itself.   

So many of us know that birds should not be in our homes or in cages but we also know how much we love them and cannot live without them in our homes, in our life, and in our heart.  I can’t… I suppose I am selfish like that… but what I CAN do… what we can all do… is make absolutely certain that any of our own personal birds live their best life. I can honestly say that I feel mine have.  
The majority, not all, but the majority (even one is too many)… breeder birds live like you see in the top photo, and it is wrong. Matt & I have rescued enough breeder birds to know that the majority of breeder birds live in situations like you see in the photo.  That situation is nothing more than a disgusting and horrible prison for innocent creatures who did nothing wrong and are being used for human greed.  If you buy baby birds, then you support this. I don’t judge people as I have bought numerous baby birds in the past but it was before I came here and before I knew what so many birds suffer at the hands of greedy human beings.  Matt too, Perry was a baby bird when she came into his life.  His ignorance was cured once he started volunteering at a parrot rescue out of state in his early 20s.

Once you know, …once you are educated on where those cute baby birds in the store come from… You choose whether or not to remain ignorant.  Project Perry and Matt cured me of my ignorance even after I continued trying to make excuses for why it wasn’t so bad. Yes, I used to be on “the other side".

The side we are on here at Project Perry is the hated side, the “animal rights” side, but we don’t care. We are not here to please the ignorant who think that breeding for the pet trade is ok, we are here to save the innocent who suffer and will sadly continue suffering at the hands and selfishness of ignorant humans.  


Just in case anyone is wondering, we’re ok with LEGIT breeding for conservation to replenish natural habitats.  …But sadly poachers are right there making that a bit difficult as well… There’s a lot of work to be done, work that will most likely never be finished… 

Two past rescue cases with photos showing living conditions.

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The goal has been met!
Thank you to you all!!!!!
If you wanted to donate, the button has been moved to the bottom of the page, but our supporters have already raised the goal amount!  Thank you all so much!!!!!!!
$1640.00 of $1,000 raised

11:04a 8/5/2021

We were recently contacted about two African Greys who needed rescue.  Thankfully, they are in a much better place now and they are safe with the woman who rescued them.  The female has open wounds on her little head that we want to get addressed as soon as possible.  We are looking to raise $1,000 for the two of them.  Her vet care will most likely be a little bit more than the male.  She is also blind in one eye we believe.  Poor little angel.

Please help us fund their intake care if possible.  They will also be available for sponsorship.  

The contact email is below as well as the video sent to us from their rescuer.  Please be aware, the video contains profanity.  You will hear the man mention "the stick", and you will also hear the child at the end mention "the stick" as well.  


The goal has been met!  Thank you to all who donated!

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