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has been reached!


4:28p September 15, 2018


Hello Everyone!


Recently we were contacted by a woman who is living out of her car.  She is also in and out of hotels when family is able to send her a little money.  This bird is very important to her.  Her bird brings her joy and love.  She feels that the bird is also her last connection to her late husband.  She contacted us and said that she needs a place for her Yellow Fronted Amazon, Rikki to go.   She moved to the area after the passing of her husband to start a new life, but it fell through and now she and Rikki have nowhere to go.  There are places that are willing to help her, but will not allow her to take her bird.  After a month of consideration, we have offered her a “mercy rescue” by Project Perry.  Rikki is very special to her and she wants to know that she is in a safe place for the remainder of her life.  We need to raise $540 for her first year here, via sponsorship.  This also covers the vetting that will be mandatory prior to Rikki being introduced to the flocks here.


There are also two other Amazons that need to RETURN to Project Perry from an adoption about 10 years ago.  Project Perry used to have an adoption program but in far too many cases, adopted-out birds don’t remain in those homes and the lucky ones are returned to the sanctuary per the adoption contract.  Life changes occur in people’s lives, and sometimes that sadly means that a bird can no longer be a part of that person’s life.  Project Perry has actually had quite a few birds returned due to “loudness” or “destructive behavior which are typical, normal, healthy bird behaviors.  This is why sanctuary is so important.  Some birds do not belong in homes.  Sanctuary provides a solid and safe place for birds to go for the duration of their life.  A true “forever home” versus being passed around from home to home.  Spending 10 years here, 5 years there, 7 years there, 2 years there is just not right for these intricate creatures.  Starting over with new people in a new place repeatedly simply isn’t fair. 


We need to raise $540 for Rikki and $1080 for the other two Amazon Parrots.  Everyone needs to be vetted before starting their life here in their new home.  Their true forever home, sanctuary.  Please help us raise the necessary $1,620 needed for their first year of care here, including the vet exam(s) and testing(s) that will need to be completed before introduction to cage free flock life here at Project Perry, … for life!


Thank you.


Cecil & Ozzy

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