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Please sign up at the bottom of this page!  Thank you!

Please sign up at the bottom of this page!  Thank you!

What is "roundup"?

RoundUp App is a donation and fundraising platform for nonprofits, eCommerce, and donors, making supporting nonprofits effortless and fun!  They're helping people everywhere make change with their spare change. For Nonprofits they provide a donation platform that makes connecting and engaging with their donors a breeze.  

How does it work?  .... easy!  :-)

  • You register by creating an account. 

  • Register your credit card.  (it's safe!)

  • You choose the amount that you don't want to go over in a month timeframe. (set a limit that you are comfortable with)

  • You shop, and your balance is "rounded up" when you make your purchase but ONLY up to the amount you authorize at registration.

That's it!  Let's make an example for fun... HA!

Brian goes out to make a few purchases for a new apartment.  (Hey, guys shop too! Haha)

He purchases a new vacuum $85.73

He purchases a new chair $158.89

He purchases a new TV  $874.97

For a total of $1,119.59.... Roundup donates $.41 to Project Perry.

On his way home he stops to pick up some food through the drivethru and pays $8.79 ....Roundup donates $.21 to Project Perry.

This will continue through the month until his maximum set amount is reached.  At that point, Roundup no longer rounds up his purchases on his approved and registered credit card.  

That's it!  Continue to screenshots to see what it looks like.  It's easy and it helps the birds!!  :-)


Project Perry has been an active user since late 2019 and it works!  Now with Amazon Smile coming to a close, this is a great way to donate with really low fees.  Their customer service has been fabulous working with us as we begin moving to this donation platform in addition to others Project Perry is enrolled in.  

Set up your minimum gift amount.  You can even pause your donations directly from the app if needed!  Roundup will donate your chosen Roundup amount or minimum gift, whichever is greater!  

Here you can link to your non profits, (yes, you can have more than one with multiple maximum donation amounts!)  You can schedule donations in addition to roundups if you'd like!

The application will walk you through the set up process and if there are any concerns, they have fantastic customer service!

Step by step, they are there with you every step of the way.  Easy peasy!

Choose your credit card/bank provider

Give your credit card/bank provider the authorization to round up your purchases up to a certain amount chosen by you!

That's it!

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