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$5,000.00 raised as  of 12/18/16 @ 1:30 PM.

Goal: $5000.00


Project Perry Fall Fundraiser

(DeKalb County Greys, Two New Jersey Quakers, and Oliver.)

Here are the two quakers that were dumped outside of a pet store in their carrier.  Quakers are illegal in New Jersey.  The rescue has been given time to find a place for these two to go rather than having them destroyed. 

DeKalb County Rescue

  (3 Wild Caught African Greys are coming here)

Sadly, one of the greys passed away during transport.  We named him "Andy".  Rest in Peace sweetheart.

Facebook Release


Hi all, I am writing to give an update on the three African Greys that were taken into our care this past Sunday. Sadly, upon transfer of the birds, one of them passed away quickly and unexpectedly - putting us into shock and despair that his new life at the Sanctuary was never going to happen despite being so close to a more free and happy life that others have and continue to enjoy. In my 10+ years of doing this kind of work, I have NEVER had this happen and was in complete shock as the situation unfolded right before our eyes. What had been a joyous journey to North Carolina to help these three birds begin a new chapter in their life quickly turned to questions with no satisfactory answers for ourselves. We did, however, have a vet appointment scheduled for the very next day to have thorough check-ups and diagnostics to insure their well-being and address any issues they may have. Enter someone who could help bring us the answers we so desperately needed: Dr. Greg Costanzo, our Board Member and amazing vet who practices at SEAVS (Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services). Along with physical exams, infectious disease testing and diagnostic blood work & radiographs on the two living Greys, he conducted a necropsy on the third one (who we would end up naming Andy). Findings showed every organ in his body to be inflamed and severely damaged. We also opted to have tissue samples of the organs sent out for Histopathology. Today we received those results which is why we waited until now for an update and to present our supporters who have been following these birds those answers. As noticed by Dr. Costanzo, the Histopathology Report also backed up the fact that all major organs were inflamed and damaged including notable findings of the heart and lungs. The heart, which was larger than normal was diseased and the bird had severe atherosclerosis. The lungs showed chronic disease due to extreme indoor air pollution. This fragile boy's body just couldn't take any more in his life and it failed, not allowing him to enjoy his days in the sun and fresh air with the rest of the birds out here. Had he survived the trip, veterinary process and introduction into the aviary, Dr. C noted that based on what he saw inside him, he physically could not have lived any longer in his condition. It was also VERY clear that the years of neglect and poor "care" in that hell hole in Georgia is what caused his condition. With ammonia levels so high that the Fire Department had to conduct an air exchange prior to rescuers being allowed in the house to the stentch of rotting bird corpses and whatever other horrid conditions inside the house caused such poor indoor air quality, one thing is clear - the man charged and set to go to trial for the felony animal cruelty of over 300 poor souls who survived and the 100+ who had perished yet left to rot in his "home" will be answering to not only the authorities but also a higher power. After learning more about the case and the conditions in the structure where they were found, this is undoubtedly one of the worst cases of cruelty towards birds I have ever heard of. Please wish us the best with the other two who have been fostered and cared for this past week by a wonderful person (say hi if you want yourself to be known) who agreed to help us out (there are birds currently in our quarantine room at the Sanctuary) while awaiting infectious disease results, which today came back negative - yay! Tomorrow morning they go back to SEAVS for a few more days of observation and care until Kirah and I go get them on Monday to finally bring them home to the Sanctuary! I do want to offer my respect and appreciation for the first responding rescuers and the folks who have cared for them since the July seizure until they were given the all-clear to disburse the 300+ birds to people and organizations throughout the U.S. We feel quite upset that the situation existed in the first place but grateful and in awe of the multitude of people who have shown love and consideration for birds when they needed people the most. Thank you all! -Matt-




Some of you may remember Oliver from last year. Oliver is wild caught, ex breeder... and eventually banished to a shed before his rescue. Our supporters came through for us and we were able to accept him into the loving care of Project Perry. Oliver has been here for about a year this week, and he's sick. His lower digestive track has a mass preventing proper flow of digestion/waste. It is likely one of three things: cancerous tumor, infected mass, or a foreign object. Most likely, a tumor or infectious growth. X-rays, exam, blood work, and a barium swallow were performed today. He's been through a lot, he's a trooper. The barium swallow shows us where the problem is. We can see the mass on the X-rays from the barium swallow results.


We have two choices, euthanasia or surgery to go in and physically look to see what this mass is. We, alongside Oliver's knowledgeable doctor, have chosen surgery. This is a dangerous procedure on organs that don't necessarily like being operated on. Matt and I firmly believe that every bird at Project Perry deserves every chance to live a full life with every avenue being explored before euthanasia. He's in the best hands, and his surgery will take place around 3:30 tomorrow.

If it is a mass that will only cause Oliver pain and suffering up until the end, we will not have him wake up. He will be at peace. He deserves that.


There are a lot of things going on and we were going to wait to share the news, but perhaps it is best to share it all now...

Many of you may have heard of the huge rescue in Dekalb County in Georgia. We're accepting three of the greys. They are wild caught ex breeders and they are terrified of humans.


We also have two Quakers in New Jersey that need to come here. They're currently at a rescue in New Jersey and the rescue has been given time to get the Quakers to us. In these states where Quakers are illegal, they can be "destroyed". We are all trying to avoid that. They were left in a carrier outside of a pet store. Nice huh?...


So here is what we need...we're considering it our fall fundraiser and Christmas for these birds all in one. We need to raise $5,000 in total to help with Oliver, (his bill today was over $600, and surgery isn't included in that) the three African Greys located in Georgia, and the two Quakers located in New Jersey.


If you can help these birds, please please donate. They need us all.


Thank you.

Update:  November 22, 2016. Oliver passed away due to kidney failure/disease.  Please see our facebook page for full information.

The first email in reference to Oliver that we received.  The rescue wasn't given 100% correct information.  Olivia... turned out to be "Oliver". 

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