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Project Perry Parrot Sponsorships

About the Sanctuary and the Sponsorship Program.

Project Perry / The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary of parrots living in captivity. Our primary mission is to provide exceptional natural environments for our residents where they can enjoy the enrichment of flight and the togetherness of flock with excellent care provided by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Parrots and other exotic birds represent the largest population of captive wildlife in the U.S., and the need to protect them continues to grow.


To sponsor a bird is an exciting way to help a permanent resident at the sanctuary. Many people choose to sponsor a bird because their own household is full, they live too far away to physically adopt or they simply want to help support a particular bird that will become close to their heart. This is a great way for individuals, families, or groups to become closely involved with the sanctuary.


All sponsorships are for either an annual or monthly period but may be renewed at your request - some people prefer to sponsor & follow a bird through its entire life. Included with your financial support upon request will be an 4x6 photo of the bird suitable for framing, a sponsorship certificate, and the option to visit your sponsored bird in person. To follow, are the birds currently available for sponsorship and those birds already sponsored. Simply email or call if you would like to help out.




Matt Smith                                                

Founder & Executive Director                                                                                               

Contact Us

Project Perry, INC.

P.O. Box 1208

Louisa, Va.  23093
Tel: (540) 967-0447
 Use the "contact us" tab

Parrot Sponsorships available for:

  • Amazon Parrots

  • African Grey Parrots

  • Special Needs African Greys

  • Conure Aviary

  • Small Bird Aviary

  • Macaws

  • And more!

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