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Project Perry Parrot Sponsorships

Sponsorship is a great way to support a bird that lives at the sanctuary. As a sponsor, you become a very important part of the bird’s life and contribute to the financial and emotional well-being of the bird. Photos and videos will be sent regularly and visits are certainly encouraged. Simply contact us and let us know you’d like to visit with your bird and we’ll make it happen!


The bird you choose to sponsor remains "yours" as long as you honor your commitment to support the bird. There is no time limit on sponsorship. You may sponsor as long as you’d like and you may sponsor as many birds as you’d like. Even more than one species!


You will be welcome to send bird safe-sanctuary approved toys, food, and treats to your bird. Remember that at Project Perry, only quality foods and treats are served to the birds. For example, No Kaytee or Hartz. Volkman products, Roudybush, Goldenfeast, Lafeber Nutriberries, and the like are approved.  If there are any questions, we'd be happy to assist you.


If you’d like to sponsor a bird as a gift, we’ll be happy to send the information, certificate, and photo to the recipient, or have it sent to the purchaser for presentation at a later time to the recipient.


The following pages will show parrots that are available for sponsorship, as well as a basic version of their story. Once adopted, a name will be displayed with the bird (upon approval of the sponsor and by request only).


The prices of Project Perry Parrot Sponsorships are on the following pages.  Click a link below to be taken to the page you choose




African Greys

Small Birds

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