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A word from Matt smith, project perry founder

Sanctuary Public Policies – Effective August, 2022


Visitation: We are a medium-sized Sanctuary run by a staff of 3 employees. We do not operate as a ‘roadside zoo’ and as such, public visitation is limited. Additionally, our time to conduct visits is limited due to the daily work necessary to keep our residents and property properly and well-maintained. However, in the spirit of transparency and relationship with our supporters, certain visits may be scheduled. These include individuals who are recent and current donors, individuals who have a resident at the Sanctuary supported through the Lifetime of Care program and those who sponsor our residents via our sponsorship program.

-Matt Smith, Executive Director

For new sponsors who are sponsoring a parrot and wish to visit, Parakeet sponsorships must be paid in one annual lump sum. Cockatiel Sponsorships require half a year up front.  Conure/Hahns/and the like must be paid half a year up front as well.  


Unfortunately, we found that there were a few new sponsors interested in setting up a parakeet sponsorship monthly ($5) to visit, and then canceled their sponsorship or didn't continue sponsoring the bird after visiting.  That is unfair to those who take the sponsorship program seriously and generously support the parrots here at Project Perry for the long term.  


Sadly, "The actions of a few" ruin for the rest of you genuinely interested in sponsoring.  Sponsors are allowed to bring ONE guest along with them.  For example a spouse or child.  Group visitations are currently unavailable.  Smaller children may not be allowed in the aviaries to visit your sponsored bird(s) so it would be best to check with someone at the sanctuary first.  

Parakeet Annual $60 required up front in full - (full year sponsorship/visits)

Cockatiel Annual $120 annual ($60 up front) - (6 months sponsorship/visits)

Conure/Hahns/etc $300 annual ($60 up front) - (3 months sponsorship/visits)

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