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A word from Matt smith, project perry founder

MAY 15, 2021 - until further notice


Dear fellow bird enthusiast interested in visiting the sanctuary,

With the wind down of COVID restrictions and mandates, interest and requests to visit the sanctuary are increasing.  While we appreciate the love and public's interest in our work,...and to see it firsthand, we need to balance daily work requirements and extra projects we continue to work on (including the completion of one aviary build and the beginning of another new aviary build) with conducting public visitation.  The average visitation in around 3 hours!  


At this time, priority will be given to donors to the sanctuary including Parrot Sponsors and Lifetime of Care participants.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding of the large work load and countless hours it takes to maintain and grow the sanctuary for the betterment of our 200+ avian residents.  If you want to visit your bird here, please understand that we are a working sanctuary and we need enough notice in order to fit in visitors on top of our daily responsibilities.  We will do our best to honor all visitation requests from our LOC Members and Sponsors. 

-Matt Smith, Executive Director