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Watercolor Bird 2

This job is not glamorous, but it is rewarding.  You will be in the elements.  If you are looking to wear a suit and tie to work, or high heels and a nice skirt with a blouse, you don't want to work here.  This page is here to provide a quick little peek into what goes on here at Project Perry on any given day.  Sometimes the birds throw a wrench into things around here and we scramble a bit.  The bottom line is,... if you are familiar with this kind of work, then you know how rewarding it can be.  If after looking over this page you are still interested in working at Project Perry, email me and let me know.  At that point we will see what we might do about setting up an interview and meet and greet.  Occasionally we start out with a video interview.  

Please take a moment to watch the video and look over the photos.  This job is demanding, but again, it is rewarding for the right person.  It's so beautiful here and the birds make it a fun place to be!

-Kirah Swanson


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