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Updated: 1/13/2021

Project Perry, Inc. is Accredited in Virginia by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), the only globally recognized organization providing standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries, awarded Accredited status to Project Perry, Inc. on February 20, 2014.  On August 25, 2017, we received our reaccreditation and continue to operate by GFAS standards.


Accredited means that Project Perry, Inc. meets the comprehensive and rigorous definition of a true sanctuary and is providing humane and responsible care of parrots and other birds, meeting rigorous and peer-reviewed standards for operations, administration, and veterinary care established by GFAS. The accreditation status also provides a clear and trusted means for the public, donors, and government agencies to recognize Project Perry, Inc. as an exceptional sanctuary.

About our organization

Project Perry / The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary of parrots living in captivity. Our primary mission is to provide exceptional natural environments for our residents where they can enjoy the enrichment of flight and the togetherness of flock with excellent care provided by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Parrots and other exotic birds represent the largest population of captive wildlife in the U.S., and the need to protect them continues to grow. Our impact extends beyond our residents through outreach and education - helping to improve the lives of birds everywhere.


Should you be up to the life-long task of helping and caring for a parrot in need, we promote adopting a parrot vs. purchasing one.  Our Sanctuary does not have a formal adoption program, however there are now a large number of clubs, organizations and individuals dedicated to the rescue and placement of birds into homes.  To start your journey into adoption, please check out this very informative link:


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